Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Blair Breaks Bone - Neighbour Annoyed

University Student Johnny Blair spent the festive season hobbling around a flat because of a broken metatarsal. Johnny (27) who had intended getting legless at Christmas party at Bournemouth’s student nightclub – The Old Firestation – ended up barely being able to use his legs by the end of the night.

Johnny said he was attempting to retrieve an elf hat when the leg broke. “I was dressed as an elf and it was an expensive costume so when my hat go nicked I had to go and get it back, and that’s what I broke my leg because I must have tripped up.”
Although the leg was broke part way through the festive party, Blair was able to stay at the club until the end. “It was a painful experience walking from the taxi back into the house and I knew it was more than a sprain.”
Housemate and friend Jason Radford said “When he came home from the doctors the next day with crutches and a plastered foot I thought it was quite funny, I shouldn’t have but I did.”

The Public Relations student however had more worries and had to get coursework extensions all at least three pieces of coursework that were due in saying “I was quite happy really because I hadn’t made much of a start to one of the pieces.”
Johnny is due to return back to university next month however housemate Jason is concerned. “Our neighbour keeps telling us to move his car as his stuck it right outside there front and they’ve got a removals van coming. He’s starting to get quite abrupt about it.”

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Jonny Blair said...

Journalists always get a few facts wrong. Although most of your story is accurate, it was THREE broken metatarsal bones in my right foot. I had three different casts put on and now awaiting news from the doctor on whether I can still play international football for Northern Ireland